Daniel Puskas' Dry-aged Lamb Rump with Caramelised Pumpkin Juice


At Sixpenny, Daniel Puskas uses a dry-ages lamb rump for a richer natural flavour paired with a caramelised pumpkin juice. Made with a cabernet sauvignon vinegar, the complex juice is sweet with a slight acidity.

What you will need

2 boneless dry-aged lamb rump (500gm each), skin and fat cap on, removed from fridge 2 hours before cooking to bring to room temperature (see note)

Grapeseed oil, for brushing

Green salad (optional), to serve

  Caramelised pumpkin juice

1 Jap pumpkin (about 3kg)

75 gm butter, diced

1 tbsp cabernet sauvignon vinegar

1 tbsp pumpkin-seed oil (see note)


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