Grilled Beef and Eggplant Salad


Australian Gourmet Traveller recipe for grilled beef and eggplant salad.

What you will need

2 sirloin steaks (250gm each)

3 tsp vegetable oil

4 Japanese eggplant (about 250gm), thickly sliced diagonally

1 cup (loosely packed) each coriander leaves and mint leaves

1 telegraph cucumber, coarsely chopped

2 red shallots, thinly sliced

To serve: dried chilli flakes (optional), steamed jasmine rice and lime wedges

Β  Hot and sour dressing 1 garlic clove

1 small red chilli (or to taste), coarsely chopped

Juice of 3 limes, or to taste

60 ml (ΒΌ cup) fish sauce, or to taste


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