Homemade Nutella (gluten and Dairy Free!)


I loooooove Nutella and try to avoid keeping it in the house as you will always find me in the kitchen clutching a jar, spoon in hand. This is the perfect treat for those who are on a gluten or dairy free diet, who dislike additives in their food or who simply just love the idea of being able to whip up a batch of homemade Nutella whenever they feel like it! Homemade Nutella (Gluten and Dairy Free!)   Print …

What you will need

250g hazelnuts

1 cup pure icing sugar (Pure icing sugar is gluten free; soft icing sugar & icing sugar mixture contain cornflour)

⅓ cup cocoa powder

2 tbsp vege oil (or similar flavourless oil)

1 tsp vanilla extract

Pinch of salt


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