My Version of Momofuku Milk Bar's Compost Cookies


No trip to New York is complete without an indulgent visit to Momofuku Milkbar, the incredible bakery famous for their Crack Pie, Cereal Milk Soft Serve and Compost Cookies. Headed up by pastry queen Christina Tosi, this store is known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to creating imaginative desserts and I returned to Australia with many delicious memories and the Milkbar cookbook. One of my favourite things to eat at the Milkbar was the Compost Cookie – a delicious biscuit filled with …

What you will need

225g (16 tbsp) butter, room temperature

250g (1¼ cups) caster sugar

150g (2/3 cup) light brown sugar

1 egg

½ tsp vanilla extract

240g (1½ cups) plain flour

½ tsp baking powder

¼ tsp baking soda

1¼ tsp salt

125g (2/3 cup) dark chocolate chips

65g (1¼ cups) mini marshmallows

50g (2 cups) potato chips

50g (1 cup) mini pretzels


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