Passionfruit Semifreddo with Mango and Raspberry Salad


Australian Gourmet Traveller dessert recipe for passionfruit semifreddo with mango and raspberry salad

What you will need

  Mango and raspberry salad 165 gm (¾ cup) golden caster sugar

3 pieces lemon rind, removed with a peeler

1 cup (loosely packed) mint leaves

50 ml lemon liqueur

2 mangoes, thinly sliced

125 gm raspberries

  Passionfruit semifreddo 4 egg yolks

150 gm (2/3 cup) white sugar

80 ml (1/3 cup) passionfruit juice

1 tbsp lemon juice

250 ml (1 cup) pouring cream, lightly whipped

1 passionfruit, pulp only


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