How to Sew a Cloth Pad

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How to Sew a Cloth Pad
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Milia Simielli Published on 10/11/2017, viewed by 906 , 1 Comments

Super heavy cloth pad size 10' (26cm) I'll make a separate project showing how to make a basic cloth pad pattern, so you'll be able to make any size you want.

What you will need

30x22cm anti pill fleece

30x22cm cotton velour

26x21cm bamboo fleece

snap fastener

snap fastener machine



pins and clips

How to do this project


Cut your core: 3 layers of bamboo fleece; Topper: one layer of bamboo velour; Backing: one layer of anti pill fleece; one layer of Leak resistant PUL;


Place the 3 layers of bamboo fleece together.


Sew the 3 layers of your core, you can use the zigzag option, I'm using the overcast foot, but you can use a normal foot or even a serger or overlock machine.


Place and sew your core on the back of your topper fabric


Place the PUL with the polyurethane part side down, fleece with the right side up, topper with the right side down. Place them together (do not use pins), sew and remember to leave a small part open so you will be able to turn it to the right side.


Cut the edges


Turn it to the right side


If you have a label, now it's the time to place it while you sew near to the edges


Place your snap fastener




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