Cháo Đậu Xanh Chay


The Vietnamese equivalent to chicken noodle soup but plant-based! The last time I was sick, I think I was only down for maybe 2 or 3 days until I was bouncing back. This time I was down for much longer. Maybe it was a combination of burn out, holiday stress, and just being around sick people …

What you will need

1 cup dried green mung beans*

2 cups white jasmine rice

13 cups water

A pinch of salt

1 green onion, finely diced

2 tbsp grapeseed or vegetable oil

Vegan Pork Floss (I found mine at Kings Café in Kensington Market)

White pepper to taste

Soy Sauce to taste (use tamari or a GF soy sauce if avoiding gluten)

Chinese donut (don't use this if you're avoiding gluten)


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