Indian Fish in Red Chili Chutney


Traditional Indian fish in red chili chutney recipe, marinated in turmeric, lime juice and garlic and cooked up with a red chili and coconut chutney.

What you will need

1 tsp. (5ml) turmeric

1/2 teaspoon (2.5 mL) granulated sugar

4 cloves garlic, crushed

1 tablespoon (15 mL) fresh lime juice

1 1/2 pounds skinless fillets of firm white fish (such as halibut), divided into 4 equal portions

5 dried red chilies

1/3 cup dried unsweetened coconut flakes

1 teaspoon (5 mL) vinegar

1 tablespoon (15 mL) vegetable oil

1/2 cup (125 mL) water


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