French Toast

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Cooker Published on 2017-06-03, viewed by 3864 , 8 Comments

This easy recipe is fun for a quick breakfast

What you will need

4 large eggs

1/4 of milk


Medium sized pan

Fruit (optional)

How to cook


You mix the eggs and the milk together in a separate bowl


Heat the pan until its possible that if you put a drop of water it sizzels.


Dip both side of the bread into the egg/milk mix


Set one side of the French toast on the pan


After 1min of your toast sizzling on low flip it and if it looks un cooked just wait alittle


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Rafael Sanches
2017-06-03 ☰
This looks amazing!!! Please send more. We have a promo now to thanks early adopters. We're sending $25 amazon gift cards every 10 recipes you document.
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Maryam Malik avatar
Maryam Malik
2017-07-23 ☰
Nice breakfast
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Murilo Tosatti
2017-11-30 ☰
Simple, easy and beautiful! Great job!
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