Old Cucumber Melon Withpork Soup Cooking with a Thermal Pot

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Old Cucumber Melon Soup In Thermal Pot Thermo Pot easy Cooking Great For Beginner , First Cooking Lesson For My Son Vis Precook Easy Soup Ready In 20 Minutes , After 3 or 4 hours , Soup is ready as Lunch Remake Today As Dinner On Qurantine Day 6

What you will need

650 grams soft bone pork and pork rib

1 old cucumber melon

1 litter water

dash of salt

6 red date

(Nutritional facts 94 calories, 2.87 g fat, 4.42 g carbohydrates, 13.06 g protein, 33 mg cholesterol, 91 mg sodium)

How to cook


nto a thermal pot

Bring a pot of water to a boil then blanch the pork then drain and put it into a thermal pot


d Remove the seed with a fork

Use a towel to wash the old cucumber melon skin then cut it in big chunk and Remove the seed with a fork


tes then season with salt

Put all into the thermal pot and bring it to a boil then simmer for 30 minutes then season with salt


urs ......

Off heat and put the thermal pot and lock it and enjoy as dinner after 4 hours ......


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