Banana & Oat Pancakes

Creates 6-8 pancakes

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Adam Barnes Published on 3/23/2018, viewed by 1123 , 2 Comments

It's healthy, quick and easy to make. Great for a filling breakfast.

What you will need

100g whole unprocessed oats

1 large ripe banana

2 eggs

100ml milk (or oat milk)

pinch of salt

How to cook


ll the oats are properly shredded.

Place all the ingredients into a blender and blend on highest speed until all the oats are properly shredded.


Heat a frying pan with a little bit of oil, then on medium heat add spoonful of mixture. Fry on either side and serve.


Optional: coat in honey or syrup, and serve with fruit of choice, such as strawberries or pear.


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Rafael Sanches6/22/2018 ☰
Great job Adam! I will try to make these for my son.
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Rawa Hamam8/13/2018 ☰
Hi dear Thanks for the recipe but is there a substitute for the egg cause I am a vegan
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