Asian-style Tofu & Cucumber Noodles


Noodles and tofu make this veggie dish a filling supper, while the chilli and peanuts give lots of flavour

What you will need

2 tbsp soy sauce Soy sauce soy sor-s An Asian condiment and ingredient that comes in a variety of of varieties ranging from light to…

knob root ginger, peeled and shredded

1 lime, ½ juiced, ½ cut into wedges Lime ly-m The same shape, but smaller than…

250g pack firm tofu, drained

2 sheets medium egg noodles

1 tsp vegetable or sunflower oil Sunflower oil A variety of oils can be used for baking. Sunflower is the one we use most often at Good Food as…

1⁄2 cucumber, peeled into ribbons

1 tbsp toasted peanut, crushed

1 fat red chilli, deseeded and finely sliced


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