Bbq Vegetables with Goat's Cheese


This is a great vegetarian main course - serve with hot tortillas to assemble into juicy warm sandwiches

What you will need

4 aubergines, cut into 1cm slices lengthways Aubergine oh-ber-geen Although it's technically a fruit (a berry, to be exact), the aubergine is used as a…

8 plum tomatoes, each cut into 3 thick slices

2 bunches of spring onions, trimmed Spring onion sp-ring un-yun Also known as scallions or green onions, spring onions are in fact very young onions, harvested…

150ml extra-virgin olive oil

2 tbsp white wine vinegar

3 plump garlic cloves, crushed

2 x 100g packs firm goat's cheese

extra-virgin olive oil for drizzling

large handful of fresh basil leaves

8 flour tortillas


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