Cajun Chicken & Chunky Bean Salsa


Add some zing to your chicken with this satisfying and nutritious recipe - try it with salmon too

What you will need

2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

½ tsp olive oil Olive oil ol-iv oyl Probably the most widely-used oil in cooking, olive oil is pressed from fresh olives. It's…

1 tbsp Cajun seasoning, we used Bart (or make your own - see recipe, below)

400g can pinto bean, rinsed and drained

2 red peppers, diced

1 avocado, diced Avocado av-oh-car-doh Although it's technically a fruit, the mild-flavoured avocado is used as a vegetable. Native…

2 spring onions, sliced Spring onion sp-ring un-yun Also known as scallions or green onions, spring onions are in fact very young onions, harvested…

1 tbsp olive Olive ol-liv Widely grown all over the Mediterranean, where they've been cultivated since biblical times…

juice 1 lemon

handful coriander, chopped


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