Lighter Moussaka with Crunchy Feta & Oregano


Topped with tangy low-fat Greek yogurt and feta, these lamb mince and vegetable bakes make a warming meal

What you will need

300g extra-lean lamb mince

1 tsp olive oil Olive oil ol-iv oyl Probably the most widely-used oil in cooking, olive oil is pressed from fresh olives. It's…

2 courgettes, finely chopped Courgette corr-zjet The courgette is a variety of cucurtbit, which means it's from the same family as cucumber,…

1 large aubergine, finely chopped Aubergine oh-ber-geen Although it's technically a fruit (a berry, to be exact), the aubergine is used as a…

140g red lentil

2 tsp dried oregano Oregano or-ee-gar-no Closely related to marjoram, of which it is the wild equivalent, oregano has a coarser, more…

680g jar passata with garlic & herbs

1 low-sodium lamb or beef stock cube

200g low-fat Greek yogurt

75g light feta cheese

2 tbsp breadcrumb

salad and flatbreads, to serve (optional)


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