Soy Roast Duck with Hoisin Gravy


Tender duck breasts with subtle Chinese spice, finished with a ginger-infused oriental gravy

What you will need

6 boneless ducks breasts, each about 175g/6oz Duck duk Rich and full of flavour, duck meat is extremely nutritious, with high levels of protein, B…

4 tbsp soy sauce (We like Kikkoman) Soy sauce soy sor-s An Asian condiment and ingredient that comes in a variety of of varieties ranging from light to…

1 heaped tsp five spice powder

2 tbsp clear honey

2 x 300g tubs fresh chicken stock

4 tbsp hoisin sauce

4 thin slices fresh ginger, no need to peel Ginger jin-jer Mainly grown in Jamaica, Africa, India, China and Australia, ginger is the root of the plant. It…

dash of sesame oil


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