My Peter Rabbit Blanket

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Video made by Natalie Published on 13/09/2019, viewed by 1767 , 2 Comments

I am pregnant with my 3rd ( 11 years apart from the 1st 🙄) the 1st thing I brought when I was pregnant with my 1st was a Peter rabbit book it’s all been my favourite so when I found out I was pregnant this time and decided to make the blankets, hats etc. The 1st fabric I come across was this. I think it’s the sweetest blanket super happy with the outcome..

What you will need

I will put all the details fabric on here

How to do this project




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Alvina Davies
13/01/2020 ☰
I love con graduations on your new baby!🤰🤱
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Alicia Lima
29/01/2022 ☰
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