Beverage Bottle Holder

Steampunk inspired beverage bottle holder

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Josh Roper Published on 29/05/2016, viewed by 1063 , 2 Comments

This is a steampunk inspired beverage bottle holder, a perfect gift on fathers day.

What you will need


Feather Edge Board

150mm (W) x 200mm (H) - x2 [Front&Back]

250mm (W) x 30mm (H) - x2 [Left&Right]

250mm (H) x 30mm (W) - x2 [Front&Back]

Custom fit the base as the wood may be different according to my dimensions

Copper pipe

250mm (L) - x2 [Left&Right]

300mm (L) - x1 [Top]




Spade drill bit (22mm)

Screws (Recommended to use a nail gun as this is a more discreet way of putting it together)

Super glue (Recommended)

How to do this project


Cut the pieces of timber to size using the cutting list.


Get the Front & Back pieces and measure 30mm in from the top left corner, and make a mark. Then measure 50mm down from the previous mark, then connect the marks together from the edges. This should make a small 30mm x 50mm a small rectangle in the corner.


Repeat this to the other corner, and repeat this process for the back piece at the top two corners.


Now measure 80mm up from the bottom left corner, and make a mark. Then etch a rough line 30mm in from the side. Now get the drill and spade bit (this will vary on the size of the diameter of the copper) and drill a hole which will fit according to size of drill bit (refur to picture). Repeat this process to the other corner and the back piece.


Now do the same for the handle pieces to the top part of where the copper will fit (refur to picture). Repeat this to the other handle piece.


Now sand the pieces down to desired amount.


Assemble the pieces together using screws. Then slot in the copper pipes where the holes where drilled.


Now get pieces of timber which will roughly fit the base. Place them underneath the bottle holder, and draw lines where the edges meet custom fitting the base. Then cut according to the lines, then screw into place.


Finish the timber with a finish of your choice.


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Rafael Sanches
12/06/2016 ☰
These look awesome !! I will try it soon. Thank you very much.
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11/07/2016 ☰
Very pretty
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