Beverage Bottle Holders

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Josh Roper Published on 24/05/2016, viewed by 1138 , 1 Comments

Beverage bottle holders (6 pack) made out of old feather edge board. Refurbished from an old shed.

What you will need


Feather Edge Board

260mm (H) x 100mm (W) - x2 [Front&Back]

320mm (L) x 120mm (W) - x2 [Left&Right]

320mm (L) x 25mm (H) x 25mm (W) - x1 [Handle]

320mm (L) x 100mm (W) - x1 [Base]


Saw (Any will do)

Drill (Recomended)

Screws & Glue

Clamps (Recomended)

Electric sander (Recomended)

How to do this project


Cut the 260mm x 100mm pieces of timber and sand them down to a smooth finish.


Design a shape for the front & back pieces (Bearing in mind that the sides come up 120mm on the front & back piece). If you are limited to tools, it's best to do a design easy to do with what you have avaliable.


Cut out the shape designed for the front & back, using the appropriate tools according to design.


Cut the 320mm x 120mm pieces of timber and sand to a smooth finish.


Cut the 320mm x 100mm piece of timber and sand to a smooth finish.


Cut the 320mm x 25mm x 25mm piece of timber and sand to a smooth finish.


Now it's time to assemble the pieces together (Use what is appropriate to fix these pieces together, according to the resources you have avaliable). It's best to assemble the F&B and L&R together followed by the handle then the base.


Now it's time to finish your project with a finishing product such as; oil, varnish, stain, paint or bees wax.


Finished! You can make various other sizes to fit a specific amout of bottles of type of bottle in the wooden holder. This can be achieved by changing the length of the sides and width of the front & back. I hope to see some being made and posted onto here!


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Rafael Sanches
20/06/2016 ☰
Great looks! Thanks for sharing!
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