Restoring a Front Door

Restored my nanna's front door

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Josh Roper Published on 24/08/2016, viewed by 1422 , 3 Comments

Restored the front door as the paint started peeling and some of the wood had chipped.

What you will need


Electric detail palm sander

Various sand paper grits

Masking tape


Appropriate paint or stain

Multipurpose filler (for any gaps)

How to do this project


Firstly sand the paint off the door (I left some on to create a 'rustic' look, but lightly sanded it).


Use the filler to fill any cracks of gaps, put the masking tapes around the glass.


Allow the filler to dry, if there was any used, and paint or stain the door.


Between the appropriate amount of coats, lighty sand the door to get rid of any dust particles and give another coat.




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Rafael Sanches
24/08/2016 ☰
Great job!! Thanks for sharing!
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Al Faruk
07/09/2016 ☰
Good, I'll try to imitate like this, thank you
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Santosh Kumar Santosh Kumar avatar
Door modals
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