Rustic Bird Feeder

Rustic Bird Feeder made out of plywood.

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Josh Roper Published on 24/05/2016, viewed by 2754 , 1 Comments

This is a Rustic Bird Feeder made out of plywood. This was made as someone was throwing the stand out, the stand is in perfectly good condition. So I made a top for it!

What you will need


Plywood 9mm

500mm (H) x 400mm (W) - x2 [Front&Back]

300mm (H) x 400mm (W) - x2 [Left&Right]

Plywood 18mm

450mm (L) x 450mm (W) - x1 [Base]

Feather Edge Board

450mm (L) - x8 [Roof] [No over hang 400mm]


Jigsaw (Recomended - Curved Corners)

Hand Saw (Any Saw)



How to do this project


Cut the two 500mm x 400mm pieces of plywood to size.


Measure 300mm from the bottom on the side of the plywood you just cut, and make a mark. Carry that line to the other side. Now find the half way point on the width of the plywood and make a line to the top.


Then on the left and right side of the plywood connect the edges at 300mm, to the top of half way point you just made. This should now make the pointed shape for the roof (Refur to the picture). Repeat this for the other piece of plywood with the same dimensions.


Now measure a line 100mm down from the 300mm line all the way across the width of the material. Measure 100mm into the material from the bottom left & right corners, and make a line up to the 300mm line again. This should leave you with a square inside the slightly bigger square.


Now get a roll of sellotape and use the curvature to create a curve in the top two corners of the small square (Refur to picture). Now using the jigsaw cut out the smaller square following the curved lines and the two triangles on the top half of the plywood.


Cut the two 300mm x 400mm pieces of plywood using the same technique as you did with the first day of plywood pieces. Except you don't have to do the top bit, only the smaller curved squares (Refur to picture).


Assemble the plywood pieces together using screws (Whatever way you wish to secure it together).


Get the feather edge boards and cut them to a length of 450mm. Then lay them on starting at the bottom, so they lay on each other (Thicker side at the bottom), screwing them on working your way up. I wanted an over hang so I let it over hang 25mm each side (If you wish not to have this, cut the boards a 400mm). As you reach the top you will have to cut a board to size.


I next then used the cut offs of the boards and screwed them onto the front and back (Refur to picture).


Cut the 450mm x 450mm piece of plywood to size and screw the structure to it giving 25mm each side of ledge (Refur to picture).


Finally paint it a colour of your choice and attach to a stand.


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Rafael Sanches
20/06/2016 ☰
Will try this soon! Although where I live I need to figure out a way to keep squirrels out! 🙂
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