Chickoo Shake or Sapodilla Shake


When it comes to milkshake, I know what exactly I want, my all time favorite: Chickoo shake... Sapodilla or sapota or chickoo, is a fruit with exceptionally sweet malty flavor, its flavor closely resembles to that of caramel. This is widely found in India, Mexico and Central America. In India, Chickoo shake is commonly found on the milkshake menu. With this one on the menu, I never had to think twice on which milkshake to order. In fact, there was a milkshake shop near to my house in Kerala and I was a regular customer. On my way back from college I used to buy chikoo shake almost everyday. I was literally addicted to this shake. Also, chickoo trees are commonly found in most of the houses in Kerala. Seeing my love for this fruit, my mom planted a tree on the backyard of my Kerala house and I felt extremely happy to hear from her that it has started to yield fruits. However, in the US, this fruit is not available. Only place where this fruit is available is in Indian stores, that too

What you will need

Chickoo, ripe - 8 slices, defrosted if using frozen or use fresh

Milk, chilled- 2 cups

Sugar- 3tsp

Vanilla extract- ½ tsp (optional)


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