Day 11- Ramadan Iftar Recipes- Iftar Menu


Hope everyone had a great Day 10 Ramadan… 11th Day Pre Dawn Meal or Suhur Quinoa Chicken Biryani   Day 11- IFTAR MENU Medjool Dates- 4/person Avocado Dates Smoothie- Healthy Avocado Smoothie Snack  Erachi Pola or Chicken Egg 3 Layer Cake- Malabar Snack Soup Vegetable Soup with Cracked Wheat- Healthy Soup Main Entree Butter Chicken Tandoori Chicken with Homemade Yogurt Marinade – Baked or Grilled Dessert Medjool Dates Panna Cotta   Collection of Recipes Same Chicken Filling and Make Many Snacks Ramadan Soup Collection Ramadan Snack Collection Ramadan Main Dish Collection Ramadan Dessert Collection


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