Day 12- Ramadan Iftar Recipes- Iftar Menu


Hope everyone had a great Day 11 Ramadan… 12th Day Pre Dawn Meal or Suhur Dates Couscous with Poached Eggs How to Poach Egg in a Microwave in 1 Minute Day 12- IFTAR MENU Medjool Dates- 4/person Mango Dates Smoothie Snack Baked Ground Beef Kebabs Soup Easy Minestrone Soup- Vegetarian Soup Main Entree Chicken Kofta in Homemade Sauce This can be served with Naan, Pita Bread, Tortilla, Rice or Pasta. Dessert Kinnathappam or Steamed Rice Cake in a Pan- Popular South Indian Dessert Collection of Recipes Same Chicken Filling and Make Many Snacks Ramadan Soup Collection Ramadan Snack Collection Ramadan Main Dish Collection Ramadan Dessert Collection    


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