Day 2- Ramadan Iftar Recipes- Iftar Menu


Hope everyone had a great Day 1- Ramadan... 2nd Day Pre Dawn Meal or Suhur Ground beef Couscous - You can replace ground beef with ground chicken Day 2- IFTAR MENU Medjool Dates- 4 to 5 Apple Dates Smoothie- Provides Instant Energy Snack Chicken Pakora or Pakoda Soup Chicken Tomato Egg Drop Soup Main Entree Chicken Majestic with Peppers- This can be served with Roti, Pita bread, Rice or Green Onion Pancakes Green Onion Pancakes- it will be crispy when served warm Dessert Quick and Easy Flan or Egg- Milk Pudding Collection of Recipes Ramadan Soup Collection Ramadan Snack Collection Ramadan Main Dish Collection Ramadan Dessert Collection Stay tuned for the DAY 3- Ramadan Iftar Menu…


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