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Hope everyone had a great Day 29 Ramadan… 30th Day Pre Dawn Meal or Suhur Easy Chicken Biryani Recipe Day 30- IFTAR MENU Medjool Dates- 4/person Cucumber Milkshake – Refreshing Milkshake Snack  Shami Kebab or Ground beef Patties Soup Shrimp Bisque Main Entree Ground Beef Korma This curry can be served with Appam (Laced Rice Crepes),  Idiyappam (String hoppers),Chapati (Wheat flatbread), Orotti (Rice Roti or Flatbread), Pathiri (Thin Rice Roti),Poori (Fried Wheat bread), Or with store bought pita bread or Tortilla or Rice. Dessert Chocolate Cake with Rich Chocolate Frosting I hope those who observed Ramadan had a blessed one. Wishing everyone a happy Eid, enjoy with your family and friends. Eid Biryani Recipes Collection of Recipes Same Chicken Filling and Make Many Snacks Ramadan Soup Collection Ramadan Snack Collection Ramadan Main Dish Collection Ramadan Dessert Collection


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