Day 6- Ramadan Iftar Recipes- Iftar Menu


Hope everyone had a great Day 5 Ramadan… 6th Day Pre Dawn Meal or Suhur Oats Upma or Savory Oats and Mixed Veg stir fry   Day 6- IFTAR MENU Medjool Dates- 4/person Pistachio and Saffron Flavored Milk- Replace Pistachios with Blanched Almonds to make almond milk Snack Fried Coconut Crepes with chicken filling- The chicken filling can be used for making other snacks Soup Beef and Red Lentil Soup Main Entree For Shrimp Lovers: Shrimp in Mint Cilantro Sauce For Chicken Lovers: Whole Chicken Curry Roast- Made in a pressure cooker This curry can be served with Appam (Laced Rice Crepes),  Idiyappam (String hoppers), Chapati (Wheat flatbread), Orotti (Rice Roti or Flatbread), Pathiri (Thin Rice Roti), Poori (Fried Wheat bread), Or with store bought pita bread or Tortilla or Rice. Beetroot Rice Pilaf made in Pressure cooker Dessert Dates Cake in Caramel Sauce- Healthy and my most favorite Cake, if you prefer you can skip the caramel sauce, great for pre-dawn meal or suhur as well


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