Eggplant Sagle (vayngana/gulla Sagle)


"Sagle" is a Konkani dish with coarsely ground coconut, urad dal, coriander seeds masala having some kind of vegetable in it. This is a sweetish spicy side dish. I think this is also called as Sukke in some places. Eggplant sagle is one of the favorites at my home. Gulla is a special kind of…

What you will need

2-3 cups chopped eggplant/gulla

1 cup drumsticks(optional)

1 cup sugarcane pieces(optional)

1 and ½ cups grated coconut(fresh or frozen)

1 and ½ tea spns urad dal

1 tea spn coriander seeds

4-5 red chilies

5-6 curry leaves

½ tea spn tamarind extract (or 2-3 pieces of normal tamarind)

½ tea spn mustard seeds

1 tbl spn jaggery




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