Gongura(sorrel Leaves) Pickle


Are you thinking how I started making Andhra dishes? I had some knowledge of it before, thanks to my friends. But it is the food bloggers who gave that extra push. I always loved Gongura pickle in Andhra restaurants in Bangalore. But I never knew what it is made of, didn't even know there is…

What you will need


Gongura(sorrel) leaves 4 branches

Sesame seeds 2 and ½ tea spn

Urad dal 2 and ½ tea spn

Fenugreek seeds ½ tea spn

Coriander seeds 1 tea spn

Cumin seeds 1 tea spn

Red chilies 4-5

Green chilies 3-4

Oil 1 tbl spn




Oil 1 tea spn

Mustard seeds ½ tea spn

Chana dal ½ tea spn

Urad dal ½ tea spn

Red chilies 2-3


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