Italian Casatiello (easter Bread)


Neapolitan Easter Bread. Casatiello is a traditional Easter celebratory special bread of Naples.It is a rich brioche type of dough made with eggs and butter

What you will need


2.25 oz Bread Flour (64g)

1 tbsp Instant Yeast (15ml)

1 c Whole Milk or Buttermilk (lukewarm, 236ml)


4 oz Italian Salami (113g, or other similar meat)

1 lb Bread Flour (454g)

1 tsp Salt (5ml)

1 tbsp Sugar (15ml)

2 Eggs (slightly beaten)

6 oz Unsalted Butter (room temperature, 170g)

6 oz Provolone (coarsely shredded or grated, 170g, or other similar meltable cheese)


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