Kerala Style Parotta Recipe- Eggless Parotta


Making parotta is a pure art and this flatbread has been reigning the South Indian food world for many centuries... When I think of parotta my mind will instantly dress up to attend a muslim wedding in South India. A mandatory flat bread served at every muslim wedding and other special occasions. I don't think there would have been or would be any muslim weddings without parottas being served. Next, my mind will rush to a roadside restaurants seen widely in Kerala, where we could actually see the chef making the parottas. It's always great fun watching them make it from scratch which involves the waving the thinly flattened dough, tapping of the folded dough and finally patting the fried parottas stacked together while it is still hot. Not to mention about the aroma that fills the air while walking down that road, it's hard to resist! For me, there is nothing more perfect than chicken curry to go with the parottas. The mere thought of "parotta with chicken curry" has never failed to

What you will need

All-Purpose flour or Maida- 1½ cups

Water- ½ cup

salt- ¼ tsp

Oil- 3 tbsp + more while flattening the dough

Ghee- while frying the parotta


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