Pan Fried Chicken in Roasted Red Pepper Sauce


Roasted red pepper pureed to sauce and combined with pan fried chicken, yummy... Beautiful Sunday it was! Being able to work with like minded and equally enthusiastic people is a pure blessing. Today, I had volunteered for a fund raising event, the theme was Pakistani brunch. Amazing event, amazing people, had so much fun and my heart is filled with happiness. During weekends, I chat with my sister and niece; my niece never fails to entertain me. She is growing up so fast and getting wiser day by day. Yesterday, when I had a chat with my niece she showed her new posing style. As she can see her video through the webcam, she started to pose for it. She raised one knee slightly up and bend it in towards her other knee, and put her hand on her hip and winked at me. Voila, red carpet pose! My jaw literally dropped when I saw this. I was intrigued and asked my sister how she learned all these. Even my sister is clueless. Kids these days are way too smart and fast learners. Roasted red

What you will need

Chicken breasts- 3, cut long (or use chicken thighs)

Ground pepper- 1 tsp

Salt- to taste

Olive oil- 2 tbsp

Butter- 1 tbsp

Mushrooms, Cremini sliced or white mushrooms- 8 oz

Italian seasoning- 1½ tsp

Spinach- 2 cups

Roasted red pepper in vinegar (available in jars)- 1½ cups, drain the liquid

Red chili flakes- ½ tsp


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