Pepper Masala Chicken


I have this crazy desire to make different kinds of chicken dishes every time. I change one or the other ingredient every time to see if I can come up with a new dish. Most of the times they all taste almost same even though I switch around something. V loves spicy chicken, so few weeks…

What you will need

1 lb(1/2 kg approx) boneless chicken

A pinch turmeric

½ cup onion

½ cup tomatoes

1 tea spn chilli powder

½ tea spn coarse pepper powder

1 tea spn coriander powder

1 tea spn cumin powder

½ tea spn garam masala

½ tea spn amchoor powder

7-8 curry leaves

1 tea spn ginger garlic powder

1 tbl spn plain yogurt(curd)




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