Polenta Lasagna – Gluten Free Vegetarian Dish


This makes a delicious vegetarian gluten free meal, If you are gluten intolerant and craving for lasagna, I would say polenta is an excellent substitution for lasagna pasta. Ever since I came to know about my husband's gluten intolerance, I have been constantly looking for ways to replace and substitue wheat products with gluten free ones. While making pastries and breads, it's really hard to make with gluten free flour as the texture wouldn't be the same as those made with flour that has gluten in it. Once in a while I love to indulge in lasagna loaded with ground beef and cheese. It's been a long time since I made lasagna as I don't feel like making it for myself. A few months ago, I got introduced to polenta and was relieved by the fact that it's made with cornmeal so that my better half can enjoy it too. I had made a few dishes with polenta, once I stir fried it with veggies, another time I pan fried the polenta with some seasoning. For some, plain polenta might taste very blant,

What you will need

Cornmeal, yellow- 2 cups

Water- 3½ cups (or use 1½ cups milk and 2 cups water)

Ground pepper- ¼ tsp

Salt- to taste

Note:you could even add parmesan cheese to make it more flavorful or any herb seasonings

For making vegetarian topping

Olive oil- 2 tbsp

Carrot, grated- 2, large

Celery, cut very small-2 stalks

Egg plant, diced small- ½ of the large eggplant

Mushrooms, diced- 1½ cups

Oregano, dried- 1 tsp

Tomato paste- 3tbsp

Tomato sauce, low sodium- ¾ cup

Ground pepper- ¼ tsp

Cilantro, chopped- 2 handful

Cheddar Cheese or mixed cheese, grated


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