Poori – Fried Wheat Bread


Perfectly puffed up pooris are a real joy to the eyes and taste buds... Pooris are fried wheat bread, very common in Indian cuisine served for breakfast or with other meals. Making puffed up pooris are not that hard, you just need to know a few tricks and you will turn into an expert poori maker. Honestly, I wasn't that good in making pooris. It's not my fault, it's just the pooris were hesitant enough to puff up and that made me weep like a baby. I didn't give up that quickly, I wanted to master the art of poori making. So, I tried making it a few times and realized that I was doing a few things really wrong. When I corrected those, all the pooris I'd made started to puff up like a balloon and it looked spectacular too. Yay, I rock! For those who want to make perfect pooris, here I am sharing a few tricks: Poori dough should be a little hard (while chapati dough should be soft). Rolled poori dough shouldn't be too thin, it should be slightly thick. The oil used for frying pooris must

What you will need

Wheat flour or Atta- 1¾ cups

All purpose flour- ¼ cup (or use flour for making bread)

Semolina or Rava- 1 tbsp

Salt- a few pinches

Water- ¾ to 1 cup

Oil- for deep frying


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