Quinoa and Scrambled Eggs – Gluten Free


A Healthy brunch... Last night, I promised my hubby that I would make a good brunch for him today. Though felt lazy to cook in the morning, just for the sake of keeping my promise I entered the kitchen and found myself lost. I'd no idea what to make other than pancake and omelette. I'd to first activate my brain so had a cup of coffee. I always want my coffee to be served in a cup along with a saucer. I really don't use the saucer, it's just for keeping the cup. For some weird reason, I feel that the coffee tastes better when sipped in a cup rather than a mug. So, even at work I keep a cup just for having coffee, I literally hate sipping coffee in travel mugs. I like to shop and buy different kinds of coffee cups. Here is my recent favorite coffee cup, it's a very simple one, it's small and skinny too. After activating my brain, I found myself getting along well in the kitchen. I grabbed quinoa, spinach, eggs and cheese, combined them together and a healthy filling brunch was ready in

What you will need

Quinoa- 1 cup

Water- 2 cups

Spinach, fresh or frozen- 1½ cups

Eggs, beaten- 3 to 4

Ground pepper- 1 tsp or more if needed

Salt- to taste

Cheddar cheese- 1 cup

Extra virgin Olive oil or olive oil- 2 tbsp


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