Spinach and Cheese Folded Omelette


Spinach and Eggs along with cheese makes a great breakfast... Lately, I've been into eating a really good breakfast. Thanks to my man for constantly inspiring and encouraging me to do so. He's a big breakfast person. I am already experiencing some good changes in my body and mind. It's not a new information that breakfast should be eaten like a king. After 7 hours of sleep, obviously our body needs the fuel to jump start it. First thing that should be consumed after waking up is not coffee nor tea or soda but just pure water. In fact, the more water you drink the better. Also, drinking lots of water after you wake up helps in dumping your waste easily and makes your body feel great. After a shower and freshening up, having a good breakfast should be your next goal. Once your body gets what it needs, it would cooperate well with your mind and you are all set to kick off your day beautifully. You wouldn't be distracted by the thought of eating nor tempted by any snacks for a very long

What you will need

Eggs- 2

Spinach, chopped- ¼ cup

Milk or cream- 2 tbsp

Ground pepper- 2 pinches

Salt- very little

Cheddar cheese- 2 handful

Butter or non-stick cooking spray or olive oil


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