Sweet Corn Chicken Soup


Among the Indo-Chinese recipes, sweet corn chicken soup is the most easiest to make. This is my favorite soup. You could make the vegetarian version by using vegetable stock.

What you will need

Bone-in Chicken or chicken wings- 8 pieces

Ginger, minced- 1tsp

Garlic, minced- 1tsp

Carrot, diced-2

Onion, diced- 1

Ground pepper- ¼ tsp

Salt- to taste

Water- 5 cups

Chicken stock, homemade or store brought- 5 cups

Cream style sweet corn, canned- 1 can

Chicken, cooked and shredded- ½ cup

Egg, beaten-1

Soy sauce- 1½ tbsp

Ground pepper- ¼ tsp or depending upon your needs

Green onions, diced small- 2 stalks

Corn Starch, dissolved in water- 3 tbsp dissolved in little cold water

Sesame oil- 1 tsp


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