South Indian Rasam


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Subaddra Sankruti Published on 07/20/2017, viewed by 795 , 4 Comments

Rasam is a traditional South Indian item. This is one part of a full course meal. You can find rasam everyday in a typical South Indian home. Rasam has ingredients that regulate digestion. It is also a wonderful soother for cold, fever, cough. Very simple to make. And healthy too. Enjoy the recipe!

What you will need

1cup of tamarind juice (extracted from apprx. 15 grams)

Tomato - 1medium sized finely chopped

Salt to taste

To be ground : 2 tablespoons tur dal, 1.5 tablespoons black pepper, 1 tablespoon cumin seeds

Cilantro/ corriander leaves - 4 to 5

Curry leaves - 4 to 5

Oil - 1.5 teaspoon

Mustard - half a teaspoon

How to cook


In a cup of water add tomatoes and bring to boil.


Once the tomatoes star boiling, add the tamarind juice and let it boul for 10 mnutes.


Add salt and rasam powder and boil for another 7-10minutes.


Add a cup of water to the boiling mixture. In couple of minutes, bubbles will form on top. Switch off. Add cilantro/ corriander leaves and close with a lid.


Heat oil. Add mustard. Switch off the flame oncenthe mustard splutters. Asd curry leaves. Wait till they splutter (it will take only a second). Add this to the rasam and close the lid immediately.


It is important to close the rasam aftwr twmpering. Because only then the flavours will be absorbed. Serve hot as an appetizer or serve along with rice.


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Rafael Sanches
07/20/2017 ☰
Looks great! Please share more recipes!!
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Dawn Testerman-Coley
07/22/2017 ☰
Can you use crushed instead of leaf?
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Subaddra Sankruti avatar
Subaddra Sankruti
07/23/2017 ☰
Crushed what?
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