Pasta Salsicce e Piselli

Pasta with meat balls and green peas

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Audrey Published on 20/03/2020, viewed by 147

This pasta is one of the easiest and creamiest pasta you will ever make or taste. 😊

What you will need

500g of pasta

150g of green peas

250g of meat balls or sausage

½tsp of black pepper

1cup of milk

200g of bechamel sauce

3cloves of garlic

(Nutritional facts 218 calories, 1.63 g fat, 37.96 g carbohydrates, 13.45 g protein, undefined mg cholesterol, 135 mg sodium)

How to cook


Heat up pan with vegetable oil and fry garlic til golden brown.


Cut the sausages in small cubes, add in pan and cook til brown.


Add green peas and let it cook for 5min.


Boil water and cook pasta (rigatone).


Add the bechamel sauce and stir til it covers everything, add milk and stir again til creamy thick.


Drain the pasta water and add pasta in the pan where you cooked the green peas and sausage.


Sprinkle a bit of black pepper for better after taste.


Serve hot and creamy! 😄😊


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