10 Minutes- Tororo (grated Yam) Noodles


Adapted from: http://365gourmet.blogspot.nl/2012/07/10-minutes-lunch-recipe-soup-tororo.html _ I really like the wasabi taste in the soup, interesting to taste it in a bowl of soup noodles. Fun story about Nagaimo (yam), because of its sticky texture when grated, mountain yam was used as a personal lubricant in the Edo Period in Japan, and thus it was also considered improper to be eaten by a woman.

What you will need

1 bunch Soba Noodles / Udon / Chinese White Noodles

1.5 tablespoons Hon Tsuyu

1 teaspoon Dashi Stock

Peeled and Grated Yam

1 teaspoon Wasabi

1 Half-boiled Egg

Seaweed, slices of

Sesame seed


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