Apple Yogurt Breakfast Cake


Cake for breakfast. Could there be anything better? I am one of those people that could eat a sweet treat any time of the day. I know that some people can’t entertain the thought of having something like cake for breakfast, but I am hoping that this recipe will urge a change of heart. I know what you must be thinking, the word cake makes probably makes you think of something incredibly sweet; excessive frosting, and lots of sugar. But I assure you this is a different kind of cake. Rather this cake is hearty and breakfast appropriate, filled with greek yogurt to keep it moist, fresh baked apples to keep it sweet, and instead of frosting, it is accompanied by a lemon zested whipped cream. This cake is the perfect companion for a leisurely breakfast in which you could sit down, and enjoy it as if you had no where to go.

What you will need

1 1/2 cups All Purpose Flour

1 teaspoon Baking Powder

1/4 teaspoon Baking Soda

1 teaspoon Cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon Ground Cloves

1/2 Salt

1 egg

1 egg yolk

1/2 cup Grapeseed oil

1/2 cup Evaporated Cane Sugar

1 teaspoon Pure Vanilla Extract

1 cup Diced Granny Smith Apple

1/2 tablespoon Evaporated Cane Sugar

1-2 pinches Cinnamon

3/4 cup Greek Yogurt

1/2 pint Heavy Cream

2 teaspoons Evaporated Cane Sugar

Zest Of one Lemon

1 teaspoon Lemon Juice


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