Chambre, Guiso de Habichuelas Con Carne (dominican Meat and Bean Stew)


Dominican chambre stew combines meat, red beans, rice and auyama (squash) in a hearty and rich stew that is preferably accompanied by sliced avocado. Any other type of legume will do, although red beans and gandules (green pigeon peas) are most commonly used. This dish is very affordable and has an impressive yield, making it a... View Article

What you will need

3 tablespoons canola oil (2 and reserve 1)

2 garlic cloves minced

1 teaspoon dried oregano

1 medium red onion peeled and cut in two halves

1 15.5-oz. can red Beans (use the liquid if using low-sodium beans, otherwise discard it)

1 cup long-grain rice uncooked

1 bay leaf

2-3 fresh culantro leaves (also known as long coriander or recao)

1½ cups auyama (Caribbean squash) peeled and cut in small cubes

1 pound pork chops excess fat trimmed and cut in pieces

4 cups water (unsalted vegetable stock can also be used)

Juice of 1 sour orange

salt and pepper to taste


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