Chocolate-vanilla Caramel Iced Tea


My tea concoction has a chocolate base that uses Numi Organic Pu•erh Tea. Pu•erh is a variety of tea that is picked from 500 year-old trees before undergoing a special fermentation process; it helps to provide a boost of energy and I prefer it brewed cold rather than hot. This recipe makes 2 quarts; it is an easy refrigerator tea, a chocolate mixture that is smooth and refreshing. Enjoy it plain over ice cubes or with a shot of Vodka…Chocolate preferred!

What you will need

4 Chocolate Puerh tea bags

2 Vanilla Caramel tea bags (I prefer Bigelow)

8 cups (2 quarts) tap or room temperature water (filtered would be great)

Needed: at the least, a 2 quart (64 oz.) container with lid

Optional – Vodka, Chocolate preferred


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