Christmas Milkshake


I wanted to do a festive holiday drink but am a bit of a creature of habit and my Fabulously Festive Cocktail remains the drink of choice during December and since I posted it last year, I needed to come up with something new. So this is the result of a delicious afternoon playing with cinnamon, milk, ice cream and a bit of alcohol. You can make the drink immediately once the milk has infused or if you want it chilled rather, pop the cinnamon milk in the fridge for a few hours to make a deliciously cold milkshake. I then remembered Jennifer Rodda’s Spiced Caramel Milk she posted in May this year. I loved the simplicity of it and it looked so comforting, perfect for a cold winter’s evening. But it is summer in Cape Town so it needed to be ice cold as well.

What you will need

1 liter full cream milk

3 cinnamon quils

90 milliliters coffee liqueur

100 milliliters caramel sauce OR

5 tablespoons caramel treat thinned with milk or coffee liqueur to a pouring consistency

4 scoops vanilla ice cream

ground nutmeg

coffee liqueur and brown sugar to decorate glasses


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