Dry Ginger Coffee /chukku Kaapi Is Popular South Indian Specialty Coffee


Dry Ginger Coffee /Chukku Kaapi is popular South Indian specialty coffee. We make this particularly on rainy days, the healthiest coffee we can say...This wonder root(DRY GINGER) has lots of health benefits and used as a good remedy for indigestion, nasal congestion s, cold, sore throat, cough, fever etc..In Ayurveda, Dry Ginger /Chukku plays an major role because of its goodness and digestive properties.. The best method to drink is by using palm sugar, (pananchakkara or karuppatti) if you cannot get either use jaggery..Warm yourself with this easy-to-do drink on a cold day and Enjoy!!

What you will need

Dried Ginger r /Chukku Crushed Few

Coffee Powder : 2tsp

Black Pepper Corn : 1/2 tsp (freshly grounded)

Cumin crushed ½ tsp

karuppatti (palm jaggery) : 1 piece

Water : 2 cups


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