Eggs Over Black Forest Ham and Gruyere Cheese


Sometimes you just need an idea for a yummy meal and this one of eggs over black forest ham and gruyere cheese is high on my list. Not only is it simple but also the flavors are spectacular and when you add the egg on top, it becomes a “version” of a Croque Madam done in 10 minutes without the béchamel sauce. Can you beat that? No. We often have this dish of on Sunday mornings, especially come summertime when we can sit outside, watch the birds in the feeder, see the hummingbirds dance around in the air, and gaze at our garden; it makes for an awesome way to start the day. I do find the key to this is to find your favorite artisanal bread (mine is an onion loaf from a French bakery), GREAT black forest ham from a deli, and delicious gruyere cheese from a local cheese monger and then you don’t have to worry about the béchamel unless you can’t live without it. This version of eggs over black forest ham and gruyere cheese gives you an excuse to not have to add on another 20 minutes to make the sauce which leaves more time to indulge wherever you heart takes you!

What you will need

4 slices of artisanal bread of your choice (I enjoy an onion loaf with this)

1 pound good black forest ham

1/2 pound gruyere cheese, grated

good dijon mustard

4 farm fresh eggs

Tarragon for garnish or broken over top of eggs


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