Fish Fingers Mushy Peas


Fancy a healthier breaded fish dish? We have used a pepper purée under our breadcrumbs to add another vegetable to the dish, not to mention great colour and a natural sweetness. To top it all off, we have baked it too to make it super healthy. Also, did you know that tinned mushy peas lose a lot of nutrients during the canning process? We have a quick mushy pea recipe that tastes delicious without losing those precious nutrients. A perfect recipe for all the family.

What you will need

4 baking potatoes, washed

1 tsp mixed herbs

2 glugs olive oil

1 red pepper

2 slices stale bread, blitzed to crumbs

2 fillets River Cobbler, bones and skin removed

1 handful flour

1 bowl frozen peas, thawed

1 knob butter

1 splash milk


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