Frozen Hot Chocolate (and Coffee and Mocha)


This is a drink I’m fairly certain most people have made in the summer. Nothing better than a freshly made frappé (I’m convinced no one actually uses this word) on a summer’s day, amiright? Until this summer, I’ve always made frozen hot chocolate the same way: put cooled hot chocolate in the blender with ice. It’s always tasted decent, but never full on chocolatey like I’m looking for. Well, I was watching the Food Network the other night (because it’s one of my favorite pastimes) and Alton Brown did something brilliant. He froze HOT CHOCOLATE in ice cube trays. The chocolate was the ice. I seriously got way too excited. So that’s what I did, using his method with my own recipe. And it works. The secret is to make the hot chocolate quite a bit stronger than you’d prefer, then when blending it with milk the flavors perfectly even out. This is the best way to make use of all that hot chocolate mix that’s been sitting in your cabinet for six months! You know you have some. (When creating the hot chocolate ice cubes, I used full on cocoa powder and sweetened it myself, but if you’re using a pre-mixed powder, just add several tablespoons more than recipe calls for) After succeeding with the chocolate version, I went on to create two more frozen recipes, for Frozen Coffee and Mocha! Yum.

What you will need

8 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder

4 tablespoons granulated sugar

4 cups 2% milk

2 or 3 cups 2% milk

freshly brewed coffee (see instruction #2)


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