Grilled Prosciutto Wrapped Oysters


Oysters wrapped in prosciutto and grilled are a favorite party appetizer by everyone we have served them to, even a few who thought they did not like oysters! We live a couple miles from an oyster farm located on a pristine lagoon in southern Puget Sound and so lucky to get oysters as fresh as they get. If you love oysters, I hope that you try this appetizer sometime…make sure to find the freshest oysters you can; excellent right off the grill as well as the next day, if there are any leftover!

What you will need


Fresh Small or Yearling (special) Oysters – save the nectar

Prosciutto – sliced thin for wrapping

Olive oil

Heavy Duty foil

A grill, with cover

Briquettes – preferably the hardwood coals


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